20 Hobson

Galt Co 2.0, as close as a stones throw

It’s not much to look at yet, but we have big plans for 20 Hobson Street.

The new building will add nearly 12,000 sq/ft of co-working space to our roster, as we plan to keep our current location as well. This new space will include offices, common areas, meeting rooms, and a studio/event space. We will be renovating the whole building from top to bottom as soon as we get our building permit. If all goes to plan we should be in the new building for the start of 2025.

The exterior will be updated with awnings, new doors, and windows to start with, while the second floor boasts an incredible view of the Grand River that we will make sure everyone can enjoy.

Check out what we plan to create!

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If you would like to schedule a tour or chat about moving to the new space, please contact Eric Silveira for more details and membership opportunities in our newest co-working and event space.